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Morgan Stebbins, DMin, LMSW, NYPsy-A, Jungian analyst

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Welcome to Jung Studies!

Immediacy and Futurity -

Ongoing Projects:

Buddhism and Psychology - and Jung and Zen:

The questions that continually arise for me are:

What is the relationship between consciousness and suffering?  Between states of mind and transformation? How have these experiences been coaxed, used and imaged over time and how do we understand them and dive into them today? 

Translating Psycho-dynamic Tropes: Hermeneutics and communication as a post-modern model for accessing transformational states of being.  This project interrogates modern neurology from one side and linguistics on the other to understand co-arising from both experiential and theoretical standpoints.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead and other religious texts (including the Bible!) in Jungian symbolic/psychological translation.  Religious texts, from this perspective, express experiences of some kind of ultimate or alternate consciousness in a transformative context.  We look at where these experiences are found today and what sort of images evoke them. This includes study of images, precepts and narrative.

Jungian Theory and Process (ongoing, for analytical training candidates):

The practical uses of Jungian clinical methodology in current historical and psychological context.  This project updates Jungian language to be grounded in current research and psychological understanding.

Enso by Max Gimblett

Infra red images of emotional states:

Image of The Tree of Knowledge from Jung’s Red Book

The next few pages are meant as an introduction to my take on Jung and matters of psychological transformation - enjoy!